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Free download The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison pdf epub fb2

6.6 of 10 Votes: 32992
The Silent Wife
Name: The Silent Wife
Author: A.S.A. Harrison
Language: English
ISBN: 0143123238
ISBN13: 9780143123231
Genres: Mystery & Thriller
Publisher: Penguin Books
First publish: 2013
review1: This started out very slow, detailing the separate lives of two people in a marriage that had gone either sour or too comfortable. I was waiting for it to pick up, which it did in the last 40-50 pages, and it was worth the wait, which is why I gave this 4 stars, instead of 3. I think the lack of dialogue between the two towards the beginning spoke louder than any words that could've been provided. review2: Okay, the four stars don't mean that this is a great work of literature, more that this is a very good, suck you in, page turner of a book. The obvious comparisons are with Gone Girl as it's a thriller, along the lines of "Nobody really loves anybody" but the story is a lot more believable and the slow, piece-by-piece breaking down of people's psyche much better p... more
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