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Free download The Orchardist by Amanda Coplin pdf epub fb2

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The Orchardist
Name: The Orchardist
Author: Amanda Coplin
Language: English
ISBN: 006218850X
ISBN13: 9780062188502
Genres: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Harper
First publish: 2012
review1: It's funny to me that so many others loved this book. With the unstylistic punctuation and the lack of quotes, I'm not sure how anyone can love this book. I've got a 100 pages to go, and getting to the end of like watching a bad movie, you just want to know how it turns out, but you have lost interest in storyline. The pace is very slow, tedious, due to the punctuation that creates multiple sentence halts. It does not flow. The other thing missing is a reference to a timeline of the year, or age of the characters which would help cement the reader into the place. It's like the story just sort of floats anonymously above the characters. Also, the characters are not tied together in any meaningful way. What was Talmadge's relationship with Caroline, and why does the author al... more
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