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Free download The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott pdf epub fb2

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The Dressmaker
Name: The Dressmaker
Author: Kate Alcott
Language: English
ISBN: 0385535589
ISBN13: 9780385535588
Genres: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Doubleday
First publish: 2012
review1: I'm not a person who's bogged down by the movie of Titanic in the sense that I couldn't get that comparison out of my head. I liked the theme of women trying to make a living and also the question "who can be truly heroic in a survival situation?" This book wasn't groundbreaking but worthy of a read. I'm still thinking about it, I'd like to think I'd pick up people stranded In the water if I was in a lifeboat but who's to say in that moment I wouldn't be the one pushing off hangers-on to save my self. Challenging to consider. review2: Really didn't care for this book at all. It was so predictable, but at the same time, so unbelievable. Was I supposed to root for the protagonist, Tess, simply because the author keeps repeating that everyone who met her "liked her."? A... more
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