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The Dog Stars
Name: The Dog Stars
Author: Peter Heller
Language: English
ISBN: 0307959945
ISBN13: 9780307959942
Genres: Fiction
Publisher: Knopf
First publish: 2012
review1: Although I was ambivalent about the writing (some beautiful phrases but also some horribly awkward "sentences"), I found the story (albeit plodding at times) haunting with its overall question of "what does it mean to be human." Unlike many post apocalyptic stories, this one is more introspective. Yes, there are skirmishes and killings, but the story is really not about that. Instead, we are asked to wonder if we, too, would be like Hig and assume people are actually good (which is detrimental to his survival at times) or would we be like his survivalist counterpart who assumes that every other human is suspect? This is a sad tale, but it's one that makes us wonder about humanity and our individual role in it. review2: This book was not my typical type since I don't ... more
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