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Free download The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey pdf epub fb2

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The 5th Wave
Name: The 5th Wave
Author: Rick Yancey
Language: English
ISBN: 0399162410
ISBN13: 9780399162411
Genres: Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
First publish: 2013
review1: I thought this book was great. Its about 3 characters who are in the alien apocalypse. Its about their journey through it, two of them being sibling and one being one of the characters old crush A teenage girl named Cassiopeia Sullivan (Cassie) describing what it was like when the first 4 waves happened. Then it tells how they go to the present. When they get to the present, the “Others” have take her brother and she has to go find him because she promised she would go save him. Then it goes to Ben Parish and how Sam her brother end up being put in the same unit and how they end up being friends. Ben also promises to save him too. They are trying to get out and find each other during an alien apocalypse. review2: I haven't quite finished this book but I've enj... more
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