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Free download Guardian by Jack Campbell pdf epub fb2

8.06 of 10 Votes: 2842
Name: Guardian
Author: Jack Campbell
Series: The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier (#3)
Language: English
ISBN: 042526050X
ISBN13: 9780425260500
Genres: Science Fiction
Publisher: Ace
First publish: 2013
review1: Another interesting book that I read in a single seating. This book tells the story of the return of John Geary and one alien race that allow them to travel through their star systems to get back to Sindic space where he faces dangers from the Enigma race and their old foe the Sindics. After reaching alliance space Geary, accompanied by the Dancers, travel to Old Earth where they face a new and surprising opponent. review2: I probably read too many of these in a row, having just finished the "Beyond the Frontier" series in about 2 weeks. (At least this feels like the last book in the series.) This was about as good as the first 2, though the ending to this one left something to be desired. Simply put, when they go back to the Earth solar system, something occurs whic... more
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