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Free download Easy by Tammara Webber pdf epub fb2

8.36 of 10 Votes: 132116
Name: Easy
Author: Tammara Webber
Language: English
Genres: Fiction
review1: I would give Easy 4,5 stars. Mrs Webber did an amazing job in dealing with (the impact of) rape/sexually assault wrapped up in a sweet lovestory / how to mend my broken heart-story. Very believable internal struggle of the main character/victim being silent out of shame and the reaction of everybody around her once she comes forward. Should be recommmended to all pupils from 15 years old and up + their parents. Great read! review2: This book took me by surprise. I haven't read a lot of NA novels but the ones I have read were all super slut-shame-y, sexist, and just totally eye roll inducing. Where the dude is a hyped up womanizer who treats women like crap until the main character comes along and changes him. Ew. Easy was the opposite of that for me. It takes a ... more
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