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Free download A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout pdf epub fb2

8.3 of 10 Votes: 12975
A House in the Sky
Name: A House in the Sky
Author: Amanda Lindhout
Language: English
ISBN: 1451651694
ISBN13: 9781451651690
Genres: Memoir & Autobiography
Publisher: Scribner
First publish: 2013
review1:! There are no words. I was an ugly crying, blubbering mess for the last part of this book. I cried myself to sleep! I met Amanda Lindhout at a book signing recently and I know that she is healthy, smiling, beautiful and seems at peace but reading about what she went through ripped my heart out. This is most certainly the most difficult book I have ever read. Part of me wishes that I had never read it or that I could wipe the horror from my mind because I will never forget it. I'm pretty sure that years from now I still won't be able to talk about this book without crying. What a brave, strong and amazing woman! review2: I was blown away by this book. A memoir of Amanda Lindhout, it traces her early years in Alberta and her love for travel and other cul... more
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