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Added on Oct 16, 2010
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Hash 446FEB797081DB8CB6F2DE364FE3B30A7131731B
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books (Size: 2 GB)
19586369-Geoff-GrayCobb-The-Miracle-of-New-Avatar-Power.pdf (68 MB)
20219036-Frater-Malak-The-Mystic-Grimoire-of-Mighty-Spells-and-Rituals.pdf (13 MB)
Active Dreaming By Robert Balthazaar FinBarr Book.pdf (37 MB)
Adam McLean - Dr. Rudds Treatisse on Angel Magickz.pdf (21 MB)
Al G Manning - The magic of new Ishtar power[fixed].pdf (45 MB)
Ali - Invincible Spells of the Afghan Mullah Sensees.pdf (1 MB)
Angel Zialor - The Green Grimoire.pdf (14 MB)
Anon - Grimoire to conjure a spirit of a place - 18th century.pdf (6 MB)
Asaph Ben Berechiah - Grand Key of Solomon the King (2009).pdf (40 MB)
Ashcroft-Nowicki & Brennan - Magical Use Of Thought Forms.pdf (17 MB)
Babylonian Money Magick By Angel Zialor.pdf (2 MB)
BibleOfTheUndead.exe (28 MB)
Black Dragon or the infernal forces subjugated by man.pdf (264 KB)
Black and White magic By Carl Nagel.pdf (1 MB)
Black&WhiteMagic - Carl Nagel.pdf (1 MB)
Book of Forbidden Knowledge. Basil Lacroix Aka Basil crouch.pdf (37 MB)
Bottomley - Nine Proven Magical Rites.pdf (531 KB)
Bowes & Nagel - The Lucifer Experience & Other Works of Black Magic.pdf (20 MB)
Butler Ritual Magic.pdf (90 MB)
Chants, Spells, Rituals - Finbarr.pdf (1 MB)
Crouch, Basil - Doll Magic.pdf (9 MB)
Crouch, Basil - Fairy Gold.pdf (6 MB)
Crouch, Basil - The Power of the Logos [aka The Egyptian Magic Box].pdf (10 MB)
Crouch, Basil - The Secret(s) of A Lifetime.pdf (67 MB)
Elkana, Nathan - The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites & Ceremonies.pdf (9 MB)
Fairy Gold - Basil Crouch Aka Basil Lacroix. Beyond Rare.pdf (6 MB)
Finbarr - The Lucifer experience and other works of Black magic by Oliver bowes and Carl nagel.pdf (20 MB)
Finbarr - The New Autosuggestion By Jason pike.pdf (10 MB)
Geoff-GrayCobb-The-Miracle-of-New-Avatar-Power.pdf (68 MB)
Hanan Paca - Magic of the Inca By Walter Cobb.pdf (8 MB)
Helping yourself with pendulum power by Janine Shelter.pdf (6 MB)
Hockley, Frederick - A Complete Book of Magic Science.pdf (18 MB)
How to make and use a magic mirror By Donald tyson.pdf (32 MB)
Idries Shah - The Secret Lore of Magic.pdf (214 MB)
James Banner - The Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius.pdf (95 MB)
L. W. de Laurence - Raphael's Ancient Manuscript of Talismanic Magic.pdf (4 MB)
LW de Laurence - Great Book of Magical Art.pdf (23 MB)
LatinThe Language of Magic By Carl Nagel.pdf (21 MB)
Lau Soon Wah - The Powerful & Deadly Spells of the Javanese.pdf (1 MB)
Leppier, Michael - The Riches of Ra - Natures Way to Prosperity.pdf (4 MB)
M.Bottomley - 20 voodoo rites fast cash.pdf (0 B)
Magick of Chant O Matics By Raymond Buckland.pdf (26 MB)
Marcus T. Bottomley - Powerful Ancient Deities (P.A.D.).pdf (8 MB)
McGrath & Cathain - Secret Magick Spells of the Romany Gypsies.pdf (2 MB)
McGrath - Practical Magical Evocation.pdf (1 MB)
Montenegro_Palo_Mayombe.pdf (8 MB)
Nagel, Carl - Black Seals of Solomon the King.pdf (7 MB)
Nagel, Carl - Materializing a powerful magick mentor and other acts of ancient magicka.pdf (9 MB)
Nagel, Carl - The Black Spells of the Fire Spirits.pdf (8 MB)
Nagel, Carl - The Infernal Conjurations of the Notorious Grimoire of Honorius.pdf (42 MB)
Naming yourself for success by Elias Raphael (Finbarr book).pdf (5 MB)
Nelson - Viking Magick Chants.pdf (64 KB)
Oribello, William Alexander - Knock on Wood.pdf (2 MB)
Ottoyo, Kam - African Love & Money Rituals.pdf (221 KB)
Peterson, Joseph H - The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon.pdf (188 MB)
PickingWinners.pdf (1024 KB)
Powers of Darkness By Gary Brodsky.pdf (7 MB)
REAL MAGICK FOR REAL PROBLEMS By Marcus T. Bottomley.pdf (45 MB)
Robert Blanchard - The Stone Missal - Also Known as Gargoyle Magic (1992) [1 Scan - 1 pdf].pdf (105 MB)
Sacred Babylonian Words of Power By Carl Nagel.pdf (19 MB)
Salt magic Finbarr.pdf (13 MB)
Scorpio - The Book of the Old Ones.pdf (25 MB)
Secrets of the Black Temple - Basil Lacroix aka Basil Crouch [Beyond Rare}.pdf (9 MB)
Shadrach, Nineveh - Book of Deadly Names.pdf (28 MB)
Skinner & Rankine - Clavis Inferni - The Grimoire of Cyprian.pdf (22 MB)
Skinner S, Rankine, D - The Goetia of Dr Rudd.pdf (144 MB)
Skinner S, Rankine, D - The Keys to the Gateway of Magic.pdf (89 MB)
St. Clair, David - Lessons in Instant ESP.pdf (34 MB)
Sugar spells sweeten your luck Finbarr.pdf (13 MB)
Taking control of a Group By Nathan Elkana.pdf (10 MB)
The Black Grimoire By Angel Nialor.pdf (12 MB)
The Blue Grimoire By Angel Zialor.pdf (6 MB)
The Graveyard Spells of Baron Samedi By Michele Tolouse.pdf (4 MB)
The Hallowed Genie - Basil lacroix Aka Basil Crouch {Beyond Rare}.pdf (4 MB)
The Handbook of Black Witchcraft By Carl Nagel.pdf (7 MB)
The Magick of Kirani, King of Persia- 1685.pdf (6 MB)
The Magickal Power of the Saint's Ritual Book.pdf (204 KB)
The Secret Force of the Tibetan Magicians - Finbarr.pdf (6 MB)
The Secret(s) of A Lifetime By Basil Crouch.pdf (67 MB)
The Sworn Book of Honorius the Magician - Heptangle books 1977 - Driscoll.pdf (12 MB)
The making of a God and other works of Black Art - Basil Crouch.pdf (32 MB)
The-Book-of-Treasure-Spirits.pdf (5 MB)
Theodor_Laurence_[1975]-_Helping_Yourself_with_Spells_Prayers_Curses_and_Chants.pdf (8 MB)
Tolouse, Michele - The Mystic Rites of the Black Virgin.pdf (4 MB)
Underground Magick spells for dealing with rivals By Nikku Arrol.pdf (11 MB)
Voodoo sex magick from Haiti By Michele Tolouse.pdf (1 MB)
Witches Potions & Spells Rare Kathryn paulsen.pdf (4 MB)
carl_nagel-hidden_secrets.pdf (32 MB)
{Finbarr Book} Demonic and Sexual Magic By Carl Nagel.pdf (15 MB)

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